SJ Barnes will be the first to admit she usually opts for “the road not taken.” She set forth on the journey of life toward the destination of a published author. Through happiness, hardship, and a lot of pop music, she haphazardly continued the journey for many years. Eventually, an extreme curiosity about all things and a love of research resulted in her becoming a “professional” college student, finally “retiring” with a Master’s degree in English and Creative Writing. Realizing the road only goes forward, she is on a determined path to her goal. Currently, she is diligently writing while listening to BTS. She lives with her husband and two dog-boys in Louisville, Kentucky.

SJ's life geo-timeline

Child on Bridge

Indiana  1964-1969

Japan  1969-1972

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Image by Luismi Sánchez

Victorville, California  1974-1976

Why do I call my blog
The Poky Penman?

 Poky because I took fifty years to begin legitimate progress toward my destiny as a writer. I also like to poke around in many subjects to increase my knowledge in general.

Penman because I graduated from Southern New Hampshire University in 2020. Our mascot is The Penman and Quill. 


Seoul, South Korea 1976-1978

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Jacksonville, Florida, USA downtown city

Jacksonville, Florida 1986-1988

Southern Maryland, DC Area 1999-2011

Training of Foals

Kentucky 2011-present

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