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Music fills the empty spaces.

"My favorite song", "turn it up", "I love this" and even the dated "that's my jam" are some of the phrases used when you hear your favorite song or a song from your past that still makes you smile. For my husband, it's always been, "This song's on my list!", accompanied by a gleam in his eye as he increases the volume. He doesn't really have a physical list but he knows a song that's on it when he hears it. 

As I started spending a lot of time on Spotify and youTube while researching for my musically inspired baby name book, I decided to create my own "list."

I realize that this may be a vanity project because everybody has different opinions as far as what they like and don't like. I welcome you to listen to "My List" playlist. Feel free to head over to the forum to discuss why you believe a song that is on my list shouldn't be and to lobby for a song you think deserves to be on everyone's list. 

My music lists are dynamic and subject to change.

SJ's List

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My personal

top 100 songs

of all time.

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BTS on Billboard Hot 100

Bangtan Sonyeondan


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My top ten BTS not on Billboard

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Summer Songs

Short List for Summer

Park Jimin of BTS
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Celebrating Jimin
V playlist
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Kim Taehyung

Songs for the New Year 

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